Carolina Countertops

Carolina Countertops is knowledgeable, experienced, professional, dedicated and courteous. We strive is providing the best products and customer service in the area! Carolina Countertops is here to help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

The Process:

First you will select your material from granite yards or from the specific samples we offer. At Carolina Countertops, we will then measure and complete a template of the area needing countertops and then have the material cut/fabricated. If the countertops are replacing existing countertops, the old countertops will have to be removed. Carolina Countertops will give the homeowner the option for removing the old countertops on their own or having Carolina Countertops remove them for an additional charge. The countertops will then be professionally installed and sealed if necessary. If you are removing sinks or stoves, plumbing, electrical, or gas work this must be discussed. Carolina Countertops help coordinate the entire project.

 Understanding the Materials:

Carolina Countertops specializes in granite, marble and quartz. We have thorough knowledge of the various materials, including their composition and how resistant they are to heat, stains, bacteria, chipping or cracking. It is important to understand the materials in order to find the best fit for your needs and preferences. It is also important to inspect the slab (if you are selecting granite or marble from a warehouse) for excessive cracks, pitting or fissures which can be common. Also, it is helpful to discuss “movement” and how it will affect your overall appearance once installed. (see types of materials for more information or check out more about us)