soapstone countertops


Soapstone has a Charming Look and is Low Maintenance

Soapstone is also a natural metamorphic stone that has talk in it, which gives it a soapy feel – hence, the name soapstone! Typically people use the architectural grade soapstone with is harder and has a lower talk content. Soapstone is softer than granite or marble, but is dense and non-porous which makes it impermeable to stains and is anti-bacterial.

soapstoneSoapstone is also a classic stone and has a unique beauty which is why it has been around for centuries. It limited in colors and is usually available in greys and green variations with veining. Over time, soapstone will darken in color due to exposure to oxygen and mineral oil, which is used to maintain its beauty and to darken the material. Although you do not have to seal soapstone, it is suggested you use mineral oil to help reduce the appearances of scratches. Soapstone is not supposed to stain, however it will scratch. It is extremely heat resistant and will actually hold heat for hours.

Using mineral oil is not necessary to maintain your soapstone. However you can use it to help produce the desired look and color you would like. The more you apply mineral oil, the darker the material will become. You can also reverse the darkening by using rubbing alcohol to remove the mineral oil.

Soapstone is a great material option with its charming look and low maintenance attributes. You’ll enjoy many years of enjoyment and beauty with these countertops, and that is why this natural material is still being used today.

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