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Cambria Quartz

Cambria is an American, Family-Owned Company that Prefers to Work With Businesses Like Carolina Countertops

Cambria quartz is another type of quartz manufacturer which is popular and is known for its strength and durability as well as being eco-friendly. Cambria countertops surfaces are pure quartz mixed with a small amount of pigment and resin. It is available in over 120 designs and19 edges and in 1cm, 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. Various edge profiles can also create the appearance of a thicker slab. The material is available in numerous colors designs such as marbled, varied and neutral.Cambria strives in being very environmentally conscious by using stone only from North America and recycling all water used in their plant and fabrication facilities. It does not give off emission or radon and because it is non-porous and is bacteria resistant making it very safe to prepare foods on Cambria quartz countertops.cambria countertopsAs with other quartz products, although they are non-porous, it is important to handle your Cambria countertops with care and use non-abrasive and gentle cleansers. Staining, scratching, chipping or harm due to heat still can occur, so it is best to use cutting boards and trivets. With all materials, it is always suggested to wipe up spill immediately and flush area with soap and water. Blot the area to not spread the stain. You will not need to seal your Cambria countertops.Cambria is a 60 year old American and family owned business and offers a lifetime limited warranty. Please review for specifics. Cambria quartz is not available in big box stores, and prefers to work only with exclusive partners who meet premium service and installation standards such as Carolina Countertops.

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